Friday, December 30, 2011

Spirits vs Ghosts vs Demons

Hello all my name is Felix Hernandez, im 24 year old, 5th generation medium and witch doctor hailing from the Lucumi (aka Santeria) faith. I've performed hundreds of removals of both ghosts and demons from homes and people. I myself have my own spirit guides, and guardian angels of which I will not mention and/or name.

First off, I would like to commend you for wanting to know the difference between a ghost, a spirit, and a demon.
For those who don't know:

- Ghosts: A dark energy, does not have take on a human form when manifesting, most times it is attached to a place, not a person. On occasion they will attach to a person. These entities are worse than demons in the sense that they have no rules, guidelines, or manner in which they are to behave, or what they can and cannot do. These entities also have a limitless source of power, which comes from humans fearing them. The more you fear them, the more you feed them the energy they need to get violent. Ghosts answer to nobody.

- Spirit: A light energy, which must ALWAYS identify itself upon request. It is allowed into our plane only by way of agreement with the greater good that it will respect and protect the humans of which it is attached to. If you have a wrest less spirit in your home you will know by simply speaking to it like a human. Say you feel it behind you, you verbally say "GET FROM BEHIND ME!" if the energy behind you is gone it is 99% likely to be a spirit as they are bound by the agreement. Spirits also have a limitless source of energy, but it has a more restrictive way in which they can use it! The source of there energy is the person who they're protecting's energy! Say I enter a room full of demons and my spirit guides go on what is known as defensive mode, they can only hold this defense against these demons so long as I do not die. The longer they draw from you, the weaker you get, literally you will feel them draining you. Spirits answer only to two people, the person they're responsible for, and the greater good.

- Demon: An evil energy, which must ALWAYS identify itself as such. It is not allowed into our plane, but can be invoked by someone in this plane. I repeat they do NOT naturally live here, but once someone invites them so long as that person is alive they are allowed to make themselves at home(Invitations are permanent). Because of there evil nature, and this not being there natural place, there energy in this realm is limited, and does not reproduce. This does not however mean they do not pack a ton of it when they go on as I call it hibernation! As far as there attachment, they can both attach to people and places but almost always attach to people very rarely will they attach to a place. The invitation as I said before is permanent, but say someone of my magnitude casts him/her away from you. They will then roam until they find another person to attach to. Sometimes when they've been unattached they actually opt-out and attach to a place as to not draw attention. Demons respond to there entire chain of command, and in some cases to the people who invited them.

- NOTE: IT IS POSSIBLE to convert a GHOST into a SPIRIT. It is also possible for a ghost and/or a spirit to defeat a demon(only if its in our plane).

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